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The Journey To Mastery™ Program

Quantum Home Tour™

Holding Open House is considered a waste of time.
Few appointments are ever made at Open Houses.
We have re-created the Open House with a winning technology.

The Quantum Home TourTM is a proprietary licensed marketing event which is used to accelerate the sale of homes for both buyers and sellers.

It is 5 to 7 times more successful than the very best Open House. The average number of people who attend this marketing event is between 15 and 150 families (buyers and sellers).

This training is the engine that drives you, the new agent, into production quickly and reliably. It is the premier listing, prospecting and marketing tool that generates offers from buyers and listings from sellers.


  • How to set appointment at a rate of 60% with everyone who comes to the Home TourTM. The average real estate agent asks for an appointment about 2% of the time, based on a national survey. You will set real appointments at a rate of at least 60%.
  • How to dominate listings in a market in as little as 13 weeks
  • It takes two weeks of preparation for one Quantum Home TourTM weekend.  You will learn how to use this marketing event as a listing tool and accelerate the sale of your listings
  • Why it is  non-duplicatable by your competition.  No one else can do what you can do.
  • You must be licensed and certified by Quantum to use the techniques that make this event effective.
  • The fine details of making the event a success that are not taught in the Quantum S.E.L.L.TM Training.  You will be TAUGHT WITH HANDS ON COACHIN.


Site Map Quantum Management Systems is committed to providing you with technologies that enable you to become more successful and get results. That's why, your Quantum certified training instructor, will be there to coach you and give you feedback during the two-day weekend event. It is a "hands on" approach so that you will receive maximum benefit from the training and be able to go out and use this marketing tool in your area.

Once the training is complete and you are certified, you will be further coached to retain the skill and effectiveness.